👨🏻‍💼👩🏻‍💼 For whom? Anyone interested in civil engineering and innovative building solutions, traffic engineering, architecture, sustainable construction, timber, engineering, urban planning and energy.

📍 Where? Maribor.

📅 When? Thursday, 17 October 2024.


7.00-9.30 Departure from Ljubljana – Dolgi most and arrival in Maribor

9.30-10.00 Welcome Coffee at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture of the University of Maribor (UM FGPA)

10.00-10.45 Tour of UM FGPA

10.45-11.30 Answers to company challenges by researchers and startups (pitches)

11.30-12.30 Lunch at the Faculty

13.15-14.15 Tour of Marles – reference building

14.15-15.00 Wine tasting and networking

15.00 Departure from Maribor

17.00 Arrival in Ljubljana

Visiting Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transport Engineering and Architecture at University of Maribor

UM FGPA has an effective framework for research and development work. Research is carried out under the auspices of research institutes, which bring together research centres and laboratories. Researchers strive for high quality interdisciplinary cooperation, combining their expertise and experience in research groups to create innovative solutions. Research activities cover a broad field, including civil engineering, transport engineering and architecture. Researchers work on topics such as sustainable buildings, green mobility and regenerative urbanism and architecture. We will explore outstanding projects with applied potential and opportunities for collaboration.

Visiting Marles

Marles, with more than 125 years of tradition in creating green and innovative advanced wood solutions, is a leading provider in the field of sustainable wooden prefabricated buildings in Europe. As the largest Slovenian manufacturer, we are synonymous with modernity and excellence. Our innovative engineering solutions contribute to progress in the industry and promote sustainable living by developing climate-positive and energy-efficient buildings. To date, we have constructed over 30,000 individual buildings, multi-residential buildings, commercial buildings, and more than 400 kindergartens and schools.

We will present our Dom24h project, which we believe represents the future of living. This house is not only net-zero energy but also generates more energy than it consumes. It is the result of exceptional collaboration among 12 Slovenian companies, combining the most innovative solutions in construction and living into a single project. With Dom24h we became Ambassadors of Slovenian economy.


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